200329 Nogizaka46 Eigo (Nogi Eigo) ep46

Original title: 乃木坂46えいご(のぎえいご)
Genre: Variety, Educational
Broadcast channel: CS TBS Channel 1
Broadcast date: 2020-03-29
Episode length: 28m00s

In this show, Nogizaka46 members try to learn English through various activities. Regular members are Shinuchi Mai, Higuchi Hina, Wada Maaya, and Sato Kaede.

Kitagawa Yuri (Nogizaka46 4th Generation) is a guest on this episode.

More info: http://www.tbs.co.jp/tbs-ch/ichioshi/nogieigo/


Encoded from MPEG2 version (see the link below) with the following settings that produce the smallest possible files without losing too much quality/details:

* video: h265 (x265 encoder & a high-quality deinterlacing filter), resolution: 1280×720 @ 29.97fps, encoder preset: custom (between slow and placebo), constant quality: 26 (new settings)
* audio: AAC 144 kbps copied from the source


* h265 is a codec that provides significantly smaller file sizes for the same quality than the more usual h264, but has higher hardware & software requirements for playback (all recent computers, even with weak CPUs such as Intel Core M, should be able to play it, but some mobile devices could be problematic)