200531 Nogizaka46 Eigo (Nogi Eigo) ep48

Original title: 乃木坂46えいご(のぎえいご)
Genre: Variety, Educational
Broadcast channel: CS TBS Channel 1
Broadcast date: 2020-05-31
Episode length: 28m00s

In this show, Nogizaka46 members try to learn English through various activities. Regular members are Shinuchi Mai, Higuchi Hina, Wada Maaya, and Sato Kaede.

This episode is a collection of unaired scenes.

More info: http://www.tbs.co.jp/tbs-ch/ichioshi/nogieigo/


Encoded from MPEG2 version (see the link below) with the following settings that produce the smallest possible files without losing too much quality/details:

* video: h265 (x265 encoder & a high-quality deinterlacing filter), resolution: 1280×720 @ 29.97fps, encoder preset: custom (between slow and placebo), constant quality: 26 (new settings)
* audio: AAC 144 kbps copied from the source

More about my encodes: https://aidoru-online.me/forum/showthread.php?tid=286


* h265 is a codec that provides significantly smaller file sizes for the same quality than the more usual h264, but has higher hardware & software requirements for playback (all recent computers, even with weak CPUs such as Intel Core M, should be able to play it, but some mobile devices could be problematic)