A Beautiful Star


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The Osugi family consists of the father Shigeichiro Osugi (Lily Franky), mother Iyoko (Tomoko Nakajima), son Kazuo (Kazuya Kamenashi) and daughter Akiko (Ai Hashimoto). The family believes the father is from Mars, the mother is from Jupiter, the son from Mercury and the daughter from Venus. They are proud that they are aliens, but they keep their true identities a secret. Shigeichiro works as a weather forecaster, Iyoko is absorbed in her weird water business, Kazuo is a freeter and Akiko is a college student with a complex about her beauty.

The family struggle to save mankind from nuclear weapons that can destroy the world.


  1. Based on novel “Utsukushii Hoshi” by Yukio Mishima (published October 20, 1962 by Shinchosha).
  2. Filming takes place from mid-March to April, 2016 around the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan.


A Beautiful Star-Lily Franky.jpgA Beautiful Star-Kazuya Kamenashi.jpgTomoko NakajimaA Beautiful Star-Ai Hashimoto.jpgA Beautiful Star-Yuichi Haba.jpg
Lily FrankyKazuya KamenashiTomoko NakajimaAi HashimotoYuichi Haba
Shigeichiro OsugiKazuo OsugiIyoko OsugiAkiko Osugi
A Beautiful Star-Junya Kawashima.jpgA Beautiful Star-Shunya Itabashi.jpgA Beautiful Star-Tappei Sakaguchi.jpgA Beautiful Star-Yurie Midori.jpgA Beautiful Star-Junichi Haruta.jpg
Junya KawashimaShunya ItabashiTappei SakaguchiYurie MidoriJunichi Haruta
Osamu Hasebe
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Kuranosuke SasakiMuto ShinpeiMariko AkamaKisetsu FujiwaraRyuya Wakaba