Abarenbo Mama Fuji TV Fall Drama 2007


Ayu Kawano (Aya Ueto), 22, has just got married to Tetsu (Yo Oizumi) who is a divorced beautician. Ayu is a simple-minded country girl who dreamed of having a sweet happy life with Tetsu. But on the opening day of his hair salon, a bomb is dropped. A 5-year-old boy named Yuki shows up and he turns out to be Tetsu’s son whom Ayu has never heard of! Yuki is abandoned by his mother and has nowhere else to go. Ayu unwillingly agrees to let him live with them, but Yuki wouldn’t even speak to her. Ayu is very upset with the situation, but eventually she decides to accept it as she’s always positive about everything. But she doesn’t know this is only the beginning of their confused and stormy life ahead. The universal theme of the family bond is told through this heartwarming comedy as it follows the growth of a young tomboy mother.


Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 10/16/2007 15.3%
02 10/23/2007 14.2%
03 10/30/2007 11.8%
04 11/06/2007 11.6%
05 11/13/2007 11.7%
06 11/20/2007 11.1%
07 11/27/2007 11.9%
08 12/04/2007 11.0%
09 12/11/2007 10.9%
10 12/18/2007 14.2%
Average 12.4%


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