Aku no Hana [BR-RIP]

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Takao Kasuga (Kentaro Ito) is a high school student. He sees his popular classmate Aya Tokiwa (Marie Iitoyo) reading Charles Pierre Baudelaire’s “The Flowers of Evil” at a bookstore. When Takao Kasuga was in middle school, he admired the poetry collection “The Flowers of Evil.”

As a 2nd grade middle school student, Takao Kasuga found the gym clothes of popular classmate Nanako Saeki (Shiori Akita) in a classroom. He had a huge crush on her at the time. At that time, Takao Kasuga sensed someone’s presence near him and, without thought, he took off with Nanako Saeki’s gym clothes. The person who saw Takao Kasuga in the classroom was Sawa Nakamura (Tina Tamashiro).


  1. Based on manga series “Aku no Hana” by Shuzo Oshimi (published from September 9, 2009 to May 9, 2014 in Japanese monthly manga magazine Bessatsu Shonen Magazine).
  2. Movie’s theme song is “Hana Hikari” by Japanese female rock group Regal Lily.
  3. Still images for movie “The Flowers of Evil.”


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Kentaro ItoTina TamashiroMarie IitoyoShiori Akita
Takao KasugaSawa NakamuraAya TokiwaNanako Saeki

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