Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba ~ EPISODE01-08 [COMPLETE BATCH]

  • Drama: If I’d Kissed Her (English title)
  • Romaji: Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba
  • Japanese: あのときキスしておけば
  • Director: Keita MotohashiKen HigurashiYuki Saito
  • Writer: Shizuka Oishi
  • Network: TV Asahi
  • Episodes: 8
  • Release Date: April 30 – June 18, 2021
  • Runtime: Friday 23:15-24:15
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Nozomu Momochi (Tori Matsuzaka) works at supermarket Yumehana. He is a nice person and doesn’t mind helping those in trouble. He also doesn’t care about success and doesn’t desire to date. In his free time, Nozomu Momochi enjoys reading manga at his home. One day, while he is working at the supermarket, he has a fateful encounter with Tomoe Yuizuki (Kumiko Aso). Tomoe Yuizuki is the writer of popular manga “Seika no Sora,” which is Nozomu Momochi’s favorite manga. Nozomu Momochi is a bit surprised by Tomoe Yuizuki. She seems different from what he imagined. She is rich, lives in a luxurious house, and wears expensive clothes.

Meanwhile, Tomoe Yuizuki loves her work as a manga writer. Her hobby is to attend hula dance classes and going grocery shopping at the supermarket where Nozomu Momochi works. Due to the enormous popularity of her manga, she has also obtained a lot of anti-fans on social media and regularly receives spiteful words from them. She gets tired of all the negativity. At that time, she meets her fan Nozomu Momochi. Spending time together, they become close and she slowly changes. One day, they set out on a trip to Okinawa, but they have an accident. Tomoe Yuizuki never makes it back. Nozomu Momochi doesn’t know how to deal with the sudden loss of someone he likes. At that time, a man named Masao Tanaka (Arata Iura) appears and tells him “Momochi, I am Tomoe.”


  1. “If I’d Kissed Her” takes over TV Asahi‘s Friday 23:15 time slot previously occupied by “24 Japan” and followed by “The Drifter” July, 2021.


Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Tori Matsuzaka.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Kumiko Aso.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Arata Iura.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Arata Iura1.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Shohei Miura.jpg
Tori Matsuzaka Kumiko Aso Arata Iura Arata Iura Shohei Miura
Nozomu Momochi Tomoe Yuizuki Tomoe Yuizuki Masao Tanaka Haruto Takamizawa
Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Tsubaki Nekoze.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Shinji Rokkaku.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Atsuko Anami.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Nuno Uraji.jpg Takashi Sumita
Tsubaki Nekoze Shinji Rokkaku Atsuko Anami Nuno Uraji Takashi Sumita
Hitoko Goda Shinji Sorimachi Kiyomi Mizuide Shanshan Ri Takashi Ikuma
Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Yoshiki Fujieda.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Riko Kawase.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Takeshi Itakura.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Megumi.jpg Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Airu Kubozuka.jpg
Yoshiki Fujieda Riko Kawase Takeshi Itakura Megumi Airu Kubozuka
Makoto Kinosaki Marie Kuriyama Kyohei Tamura Honami Tanaka Yuaro Tanaka
Ano Toki Kiss Shite Okeba-Kayoko Kishimoto.jpg
Kayoko Kishimoto
Tae Yuizuki

Additional Cast Members:


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