Aogeba Toutoshi – [COMPLETE]


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Koichi Hikuma (Akira Terao) was a saxophone player, but he suffers from the aftereffects of an accident. Due to that, he turned his back on music. Koichi Hikuma finds hope in the high school brand band. The band consists of problem students. Koichi struggles to instruct the brass band and to give them hope.


  1. “Brass Dreams” takes over TBS‘ Sunday 21:00 time slot previously occupied by “99.9 Criminal Lawyer” and followed by “IQ246: The Cases of a Royal Genius” on October 16, 2016.
  2. Based on the nonfiction novels “Buraban Kizzu Rapusodi” and “Buraban Kizzu Odissei” by Takako Ishikawa (published March, 2009 and April, 2009 by Sangokan).


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Akira TeraoMikako TabeMackenyuNijiro MurakamiAnna Ishii
Koichi HikumaNatsuki HikumaRen KitoraHiroto AosimaNagisa Arima
Aogeba Toutoshi-Takumi Kitamura.jpgAogeba Toutoshi-Taiga.jpgAogeba Toutoshi-Gaku Sano.jpgAogeba Toutoshi-Toshinori Omi.jpgAogeba Toutoshi-Takeshi Masu.jpg
Takumi KitamuraTaiga NakanoGaku SanoToshinori OmiTakeshi Masu
Keita AmboKinya TakamokuYuji KuwataSoichi AraiTeruyuki Samejima
Aogeba Toutoshi-Koji Ishizaka.jpg
Koji Ishizaka
Kanji Odagiri

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