Arcana DVDRIP x264


Detective Murakami (Masataka Nakagauchi) meets a girl who suffers from memory loss. The girl has special abilities including the ability to talk with the dead. Detective Murakami names her Maki. Detective Murakami and Maki work together to solves a massive murder case involving a mad bomber. Maki’s identity is revealed during their investigation.


  1. Based on Yua Kotegawa’s manga series “ARCANA” (published from 2000 to 2001 in Weekly Young Jump by Shueisha Inc).


Arcana-Tao Tsuchiya.jpg Arcana-Masataka Nakagauchi.jpg Arcana-Mitsuki Tanimura.jpg Arcana-Goro Kishitani.jpg
Tao Tsuchiya Masataka Nakagauchi Mitsuki Tanimura Goro Kishitani
Maki / Satsuki Detective Murakami Mieko Tomochika Yutaka Hashi

Additional Cast Members: