At Home Dad 2004


Kazuyuki, employed at a major advertising firm, is the breadwinner for his wife and daughter and has managed to fulfill his dream of owning his own house. Filled with pride and confidence, he’s at the peak of his career as a working man. Meanwhile his neighbor Yusuke is his complete opposite, as he is supported by his wife, who runs her own company, and who considers himself to be a professional “at-home dad.” From Kazuyuki’s perspective, such a househusband is an outrage, an existence who’s not worthy of being called a man.But then, one day, Kazuyuki is forced to quit his job at the company. His wife starts working to make their living for the time being, and Kazuyuki becomes a househusband in this major role-switch. Needless to mention, he experiences one failure after another doing things he’s never done before and his masculine pride is in tatters! But then he starts to feel ambition and passion to make the best of his situation and prevail over all difficulties. His neighbor Yusuke now becomes Kazuyuki’s guide and mentor in the new role of at-home dad. Then Kazuyuki’s trials and tribulations begin in the task of becoming an outstanding househusband.



Rar pass: bagikuy