Beautiful Rain 2012

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A young daughter supports her father who is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

Keisuke Kinoshita (Etsushi Toyokawa) and his only daughter Miu (Mana Ashida) live in the housing unit for Nakamura Factory, where Keisuke works. Keisuke’s wife died 8 years ago after giving birth to Miu. Back then, Keisuke worked for a large construction company. In order to raise Miu with full of love, he quit his job at the large construction company and began to work at Nakamura Factory.

Every morning, Keisuke is busy preparing Miu for school. One day, Keisuke realizes that she forgot to take her jump rope. Keisuke then goes to school with her jump rope and promises to buy her a new water bottle for the next day’s school picnic. The President of Nakamura Factory Tomio Nakamura (Keizo Kanie), his wife Chieko (Mitsuko Oka) and colleague Akio Katsuta (Shohei Miura) all tease Keisuke that he overprotects Miu, but they also look at them with a warm heart.

An accident then takes place. Akio carries a large item and loses his balance. The large item falls on Keisuke’s head and he becomes unconscious. At the hospital Keisuke receives a CT scan and returns home, but …


Beautiful Rain-Etsushi Toyokawa.jpgBeautiful Rain-Mana Ashida.jpg
Etsushi ToyokawaMana Ashida
Keisuke KinoshitaMiu Kinoshita
Beautiful Rain-Shohei Miura.jpgBeautiful Rain-Denden.jpgBeautiful Rain-Ken Yasuda.jpgBeautiful Rain-Sayuri Kokusho.jpgBeautiful Rain-Serai Takagi.jpg
Shohei MiuraDendenKen YasudaSayuri KokushoSerai Takagi
Akio KatsutaKiyoshi MunetaYutaka KogaHaruko AraiKotaro Arai
Beautiful Rain-Asaya Kimijima.jpgBeautiful Rain-Riko Yoshida.jpgBeautiful Rain-Mitsuko Oka.jpgBeautiful Rain-Keizo Kanie.jpgBeautiful Rain-Miki Nakatani.jpg
Asaya KimijimaAi YoshikawaMitsuko OkaKeizo KanieMiki Nakatani
Kenta TachibanaNako MatsuyamaChieko NakamuraTomio NakamuraAkane Nishiwaki

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