Beppin san NHK Asadora 2016

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Sumire (Kyoko Yoshine) was born as the second child from a wealthy family. She enjoys embroidery and sewing. Whatever Sumire decides to do, she must achieve the goal no matter what.

During World War II, Sumire gets married and becomes pregnant, but her husband is sent off to war. She gives birth to her first daughter. Right before the end of war, the city of Kobe is attacked. Due to the attack, Sumire loses property. While waiting for her husband to return, she begins to make children’s clothes.


  1. “Beppin-san” is NHK’s 95th asadora.


Beppin-San-01-Kyoko Yoshine.jpg Beppin-San-01-2-Konomi Watanabe2.jpg Beppin-San-02-Katsuhisa Namase.jpg Beppin-San-03-Miho Kanno.jpg Beppin-San-04-Misako Renbutsu.jpg
Kyoko Yoshine Konomi Watanabe Katsuhisa Namase Miho Kanno Misako Renbutsu
Sumire Bando Sumire Bando (young) Isoya Bando Hana Bando Yuri Bando
Ayaka Uchida Beppin-San-05-Kengo Kora.jpg Beppin-San-05-2-Kaito Oyagi.jpg Beppin-San-06-Jun Nagura.jpg Beppin-San-07-Masachika Ichimura.jpg
Ayaka Uchida Kengo Kora Kaito Oyagi Jun Nagura Masachika Ichimura
Yuri Bando (young) Kiyoshi Nogami Kiyoshi Nogami (young) Shozo Nogami Shigeo Asada
Beppin-San-08-Mitsuki Tanimura.jpg Beppin-San-08-2-Hana Tsubochi.jpg Beppin-San-09-Kanako Momota.jpg Beppin-San-10-Kaho Tsuchimura.jpg Beppin-San-11-Tamao Nakamura.jpg
Mitsuki Tanimura Hana Tsubochi Kanako Momota Kaho Tsuchimura Tamao Nakamura
Akemi Ono Akemi Ono (young) Ryoko Tada Kimie Tasaka Tokuko Bando
Beppin-San-12-Hirotaro Honda.jpg Beppin-San-13-Momiji Yamamura.jpg Beppin-San-14-Mana Mikura.jpg Beppin-San-20-Bundo Soganoya.jpg Keiko Miyata
Hirotaro Honda Momiji Yamamura Mana Mikura Bundo Soganoya Keiko Miyata
Chotaro Bando Setsuko Bando Shizuko Bando Chuichiro Iguchi Kiyo Sato
Beppin-San-22-Kento Nagayama.jpg Beppin-San-22-2-Uta Tamayama.jpg Beppin-San-23-Yoji Tanaka.jpg Beppin-San-24-Yuta Hiraoka.jpg Beppin-San-25-Yoko Ishino.jpg
Kento Nagayama Uta Tamayama Yoji Tanaka Yuta Hiraoka Yoko Ishino
Norio Tanaka Norio Tanaka (young) Katsuji Ozawa Shoichi Murata Kotoko Murata
Beppin-San-26-Yuya Matsushita.jpg Beppin-San-27-Masami Horiuchi.jpg Beppin-San-28-Etsuko Takanishi.jpg
Yuya Matsushita Masami Horiuchi Yukari Taki
Eisuke Iwasa Goro Tanaka Etsuko Takanishi

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