Blind Witness


  • Movie: Blind Witness (literal title)
  • Romaji: Mienai Mokugekisha
  • Japanese: 見えない目撃者
  • Director: Junichi Mori
  • Writer: Kiyomi FujiiJunichi Mori
  • Producer: Masaki Koide
  • Cinematographer: Futa Takagi
  • Release Date: September 20, 2019
  • Runtime: 128 min.
  • Distributor: Toei
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

On the night of her police university graduation, Natsume Hamanaka’s (Riho Yoshioka) younger brother dies in accident caused by Natsume Hamanaka. In the accident, Natsume Hamanaka also loses her eyesight. She gives up on being a police officer.

3 years later, Natsume Hamanaka still has gotten over what happened that night. One day, she is involved in a minor car accident. She hear’s a young girl’s voice asking for help. Natsume Hamanaka senses that the girl might be a kidnap victim. She reports what happened to the police, but the police doesn’t purse her report. Natsume Hamanaka does not give up and keeps looking for the girl. She finds a young boy who was skateboarding near the fender bender car accident. Natsume Hamanaka believes a serial kidnapper exists.


  1. Remake of 2011 movie “Blind.”


Blind Witness-Riho Yoshioka.jpgBlind Witness-Mahiro Takasugi.jpg
Riho YoshiokaMahiro Takasugi
Natsume HamanakaHaruma Kunisaki
Blind Witness-Koji Ookura.jpgBlind Witness-Koudai Asaka.jpgBlind Witness-Yoshi Sakou.jpgBlind Witness-Jun Kunimura.jpgBlind Witness-Daichi Watanabe.jpg
Koji OokuraKodai AsakaYoshi SakouJun KunimuraDaichi Watanabe
Naoki YoshinoSho KusakabeShusaku TakahashiTakashi HirayamaTsukasa Yokoyama
Blind Witness-Shuntaro Yanagi.jpgBlind Witness-Koya Matsudai.jpgBlind Witness-Miyuki Matsuda.jpgBlind Witness-Tomorowo Taguchi.jpg
Shuntaro YanagiKoya MatsudaiMiyuki MatsudaTomorowo Taguchi
Keiichi KirinoDaiki HamanakaMitsuyo HamanakaYuichi Kimura


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