Boku no Imoto 2009


Egami Akira (Joe Odagiri) is an elite surgeon possessing near genius capabilities. His younger sister Satsuki (Masami Nagasawa) differs in that she doesn’t study well but she posseses a strong vitality for life. One day Egami hears that his sister is missing and tries to find her. He discovers that she is involved in a relationship with a married man. This causes a huge rift between the brother and sister.

Even with all their differences, Akira and Satsuki are still the only family members they have. They lost both of their parents at an early age and since then the brother and sister have relied on each other, depended on each other, and sometimes cried to each other. But now a new situation develops that threatens their brother and sister relationship forever.


My Sister-Joe Odagiri.jpgMy Sister-Masami Nagasawa.jpgMy Sister-Koji Chihara.jpgMy Sister-Rie Tomosaka.jpgMy Sister-Tetsushi Tanaka.jpg
Joe OdagiriMasami NagasawaJunior ChiharaRie TomosakaTetsushi Tanaka
Mei EgamiSaya EgamiKenji KukiSatoko KiriharaKinya Segawa
My Sister-Sawa Suzuki.jpgMy Sister-Rena Sasamoto.jpgMy Sister-Go Wakabayashi.jpgMy Sister-Taiga Fukasawa.jpgMy Sister-Chihiru Yarita.jpg
Sawa SuzukiRena SasamotoGo WakabayashiTaiga FukasawaChihiru Yarita
Shigeko SegawaHaruna OhkawaraRyuzo OhkawaraMei Egami (young)Saya Egami (young)

Additional Cast Members:


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