Brush Up Life – EPISODE01-10 [COMPLETE]

  • Drama: Rebooting (English title)
  • Romaji: Brush Up Life
  • Japanese: ブラッシュアップライフ
  • Director: Itaru MizunoShunsuke Kariyama
  • Writer: Bakarhythm
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: January 8 – March 12, 2023
  • Runtime: Sundays 22:30-23:25
  • TV Ratings: 8.5%
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Asami Kondo (Sakura Ando) is an ordinary 33-year-old single woman, who works at city hall. She lives with her parents and her younger sister. One day, Asami Kondo suddenly realizes that she has gone back to being a baby. As a newborn baby, she lays on a bed in the hospital and she can see her young parents in front of her. Asami Kondo’s second life begins as a baby who still remembers everything from her past life.


  1. “Rebooting” takes over NTV‘s Sunday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by “ Jozuka Hisui Toujoshu” and followed by “Passion for Punchlines” on April 9, 2023.


Rebooting-Sakura Ando.jpg Rebooting-Kaho.jpg Rebooting-Haruka Kinami.jpg Rebooting-Tori Matsuzaka.jpg Rebooting-Naoki Tanaka.jpg
Sakura Ando Kaho Haruka Kinami Tori Matsuzaka Naoki Tanaka
Asami Kondo Natsuki Kadokura Miho Yonekawa Masaru Tanabe Hiroshi Kondo
Rebooting-Mirai Shida.jpg Rebooting-Hiroko Nakajima.jpg Rebooting-Toshiki Ayata.jpg Rebooting-Yoneko Matsukane.jpg Rebooting-Shota Sometani.jpg
Mirai Shida Hiroko Nakajima Toshiki Ayata Yoneko Matsukane Shota Sometani
Haruka Kondo Kumiko Kondo Nobuhiro Harada Sachi Harada Shunsuke Fukuda
Rebooting-Yui Ichikawa.jpg Rebooting-Kayo Noro.jpg Kosuke Suzuki Rebooting-Nuno Uraji.jpg Rebooting-Toko Miura.jpg
Yui Ichikawa Kayo Noro Kosuke Suzuki Nuno Uraji Toko Miura
Shizuka Tagami Misa Maruyama Teacher Mita Kanako Shimamoto Minako Kawaguchi
Rebooting-Sento Takemori.jpg Shiho Sasaki Rebooting-Ami Tomite.jpg Rebooting-Toru Nomaguchi.jpg Rebooting-Chiaki Kawamo.jpg
Sento Takemori Shiho Sasaki Ami Tomite Toru Nomaguchi Chiaki Kawamo
Manager Taniguchi Haruna Midoriyama Miki Ikuta Toru Miyaoka Yumi Shimogawa
Rebooting-Tomoya Maeno1.jpg Rebooting-Bakarhythm.jpg Rebooting-Kurumi Nakada.jpg Riko Suzuki Takeo Seto
Tomoya Maeno Bakarhythm Kurumi Nakada Riko Suzuki Takeo Seto
Tomoya Maeno receptionist Yoko Ikewaki Reina Moriyama Reina Moriyama’s father
Rebooting-Asami Mizukawa.jpg Rebooting-Haru Kuroki.jpg Rebooting-Yuya Miyashita.jpg Rebooting-Asami Usuda.jpg Rebooting-Muga Tsukaji.jpg
Asami Mizukawa Haru Kuroki Yuya Miyashita Asami Usuda Muga Tsukaji
Mari Uno Rena Moriyama Kato Naoto Asami Usuda Muga Tsukaji
Rebooting-Toru Nakamura.jpg Rebooting-Tomoya Maeno.jpg Haruka Sasaki Rebooting-Ryo Sato.jpg Rebooting-Maho Yamada.jpg
Toru Nakamura Tomoya Maeno Haruka Sasaki Ryo Sato Maho Yamada
Toru Nakamura Tomoya Maeno Nakamura Yamamoto Tae Tsuruno
Rebooting-Kentaro Tamura.jpg Rebooting-Tadanobu Asano.jpg Rebooting-Satoshi Jinbo.jpg Rebooting-Noriko Eguchi.jpg
Kentaro Tamura Tadanobu Asano Satoshi Jinbo Noriko Eguchi
Kenji Nakayama Takagi Nakamura Horiguchi

Additional Cast Members:


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