Byakuyako TBS Winter Drama 2006


One boy kills his father to save his first love. One girl takes the life of her mother to protect the boy. The two commit a crime to hide another, and move on with life, turning their backs against the sun. They are forbidden to hold hands. Sharing each other’s crime is their token of love – believing that someday, the sun will shine upon them from behind the clouds.


  1. Based on popular mystery writer Keigo Higashino‘s story “Byakuyako,” published first in Shueisha magazine from 1977 to 1979. “Byakuyako” was then compiled into a best selling novel.
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    2. White Night | Baekyahaeng (2009)
    3. Into the White Night | Byakuyako (2011)


Into the White Night-Takayuki Yamada.jpgInto the White Night-Haruka Ayase.jpgInto the White Night-Tetsuya Takeda.jpgInto the White Night-Atsuro Watabe.jpgInto the White Night-Takashi Kashiwabara.jpgInto the White Night-Kotaro Tanaka.jpg
Takayuki YamadaHaruka AyaseTetsuya TakedaAtsuro WatabeTakashi KashiwabaraKoutaro Tanaka
Ryouji KiriharaYukiho KarasawaJunjo SasagakiIsamu MatsuuraKazunari ShinozukaHisashi Koga
Into the White Night-Keisuke Koide.jpgInto the White Night-Kei Tanaka.jpgInto the White Night-Kaoru Yachigusa.jpgInto the White Night-Naomi Nishida.jpgInto the White Night-Kaoru Okunuki.jpgInto the White Night-Chihiro Otsuka.jpg
Keisuke KoideKei TanakaKaoru YachigusaNaomi NishidaKaoru OkunukiChihiro Otsuka
Tomohiko SonomuraMichihiro KikuchiReiko KarasawaNoriko KuriharaNamie NishguchiEriko Kawashima
Into the White Night-Shun Shioya.jpgInto the White Night-Mitsuru Hirata.jpgInto the White Night-Yumi Asou.jpgInto the White Night-Kimiko Yo.jpgInto the White Night-Yuki Izumisawa.jpgInto the White Night-Mayuko Fukuda.jpg
Shun ShioyaMitsuru HirataYumi AsouKimiko YoYuki IzumisawaMayuko Fukuda
Makoto TakamiyaYosuke KiriharaMikiko KiriharaMifumi TaniguchiRyoji Kirihara (child)Yukiko Karasawa (child)

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