[HOW] to download?

If you see error 403 like this after click download, just open your google drive, and check recent file like this :

How to Download step below those 2 pict


  1. Sign up first –> SignUP <– and click Get Code like this
  2. Sign In using your google account like this.
  3. Clik Allow
  4. Copy the Code
  5. Paste it to first page of —> Sign Up <— then click Confirm
  6. Create new Password for your account. So if you want to download again, just login with new password there.
  7. Open link you want to download, for example –> Meteor Garden 2018 <— and click Download File
  8. Wait, and click Direct Download
  9. Viola~

If you want to download another link, just login.

  1. Click link you want to download, for example –> Himo Man <– Click Sign in to Download file
  2. Log-in with your new account that you created up there (google mail but new password you created). If you create same password as your google account that’s no problem.
  3. Click Download File
  4. Wait, and Click Direct Download
  5. Viola~

~Happy Download~
~Thanks to PaheIn and KlopMe~