Chief – Keishichou IR Bunsekishitsu TV Asahi (SP 2018)

Title: Chief – Keishichou IR Bunsekishitsu / CHIEF~警視庁IR分析室~
Broadcast date: Apr 15, 2018
Network: TV Asahi
Casts: Sawamura Ikki, Yoshii Rei, Miyagawa Ichirota, Masu Takeshi, Sugawara Daikichi, Maeda Aki
Genres: Detective, Investigation, Crime, Mystery

Togane Takichi, the CEO of a construction company, is shot dead in the street in Nishi Shinjuku in Tokyo. The only eyewitness, Odagiri Naoto, refuses to cooperate with the police for some reason. Fukamachi Kotaro, a senior member of the IR Analysis Office, is ordered by Nitta Yukihiko, the head of the First Investigative Division, to handle Odagiri. The newly established office was set up on the pretext of tracking and monitoringsuspects and witnesses to advance investigations by using the many surveillance cameras and GPS trackers installed in Tokyo. However, it actually plays a supporting role to the First Investigative Division. In fact, Odagiri’s wife Chiharu died in an accident in Numazu five years earlier. But six months ago, he saw a woman who looked just like her in Tokyo. Even though he consulted the police, he was brushed off. This is why he completely refuses to assist the police. The IR Analysis Office begins an investigation to determine the identity of the woman whom Odagiri saw and prove that she is a different person.

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