Code Blue [Spin-Off]~ Another Ordinary Day – Episode01-05 COMPLETE

Spin-off drama: “Code Blue -Another Ordinary Day-”

In the 3rd Season, the interns of the emergency lifesavers, Soma Natori (Daiki Arioka), Shunpei Haitani (Ryo Narita), and Akari Yokomine (Yuko Araki), along with the flight nurse Futaba Yukimura (Fumika Baba), have gained experiences in various troublesome emergency situations such as the collision accident in a subway tunnel. In this spin-off drama, their ordinary days of emergency lifesaving would be focused and presented for five consecutive nights in five episodes.

July 23 (Mon) – Episode 1
Not all the information in the internet is correct. Having read hundreds of medical books, and have selectively examined numerous patients, what is the answer they gave?

July 24 (Tue) – Episode 2
Doctors cannot cure all illnesses. I want to believe in what I feel rather than the effectiveness of medicine. That’s why I keep on wearing a bright coat at all times.

July 25 (Wed) – Episode 3
To learn the importance of being embarrassed, whether being a doctor who pretend to know, or a doctor who says they do not know.

July 26 (Thu) – Episode 4
A nurse who hates her smile. Her smile is a burden to other nurses and patients, except for one boy.

July 27 (Fri) – Episode 5
All the interns are thinking it would be better if there are no patients with serious injuries or illness. Will they be able to survive their duty when there’s no senior doctor around?

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