Doctor Y ~ Gekai Kaji Hideki TV Asahi Fall Drama 2016 EPISODE01



Surgeon Kaji Hideki has earned himself the nickname “laparoscope magician”. He is skilled but greedy. Because he chose money over title and power, his career progression has been slower than his peers. Kaji gets demoted to Teito Medical University Hospital’s Takamatsu 24th Branch Hospital for assisting in Daimon Michiko’s surgery. He calls Michiko a demon and treats her like the god of pestilence as a result of this demotion and numerous troubles he has to suffer. Then, Kaji is transferred to Teito Medical University Hospital’s Oarai 8th Branch Hospital in the town of Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture. Hailed as a super doctor from Tokyo, Kaji feels smug. On his first day of work, Mifune Haruka, the daughter of a Diet member is urgently hospitalised for appendicitis. At the same time, a poor old man called Tanami Shigeo whom Kaji helped in the street, is also admitted and found to have a serious illness that cannot be cured. So Kaji has a wealthy patient whose surgery will be easy vs a poor patient whose surgery will be difficult. He tries to give priority to Haruka which triggers opposition from rookie surgeon Misaki Kenta who believes that money is not necessary to save a person’s life. What will Kaji’s choice be in the end?