Dororo – 2007 [WEB-DL]

  • Movie: Dororo
  • Romaji: Dororo
  • Japanese: どろろ
  • Director: Akihiko Shiota
  • Writer: Osamu Tezuka (comic) Masa Nakamura(screenplay)
  • Producer: Takashi Hirano
  • Cinematographer
  • Release Date: January 6, 2007
  • Runtime: 139 min.
  • Genre: Action / Adventure / Fantasy
  • Movie Studio: TBS
  • Distributor: Toho
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


The hero, Hyakkimaru (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is a wandering “demon hunter” whose extra body parts — 48 to be exact — were grafted onto his head and trunk by a herb doctor (Yoshio Harada) who discovered him as an infant, in a process that echoes “Frankenstein” and “The Island of Dr. Moreau.” His warlord father (Kiichi Nakai) gave the originals to 48 demons in exchange for power. When Hyakkimaru kills a demon, he wins back a body part.

He is spotted in one of these battles, with a giant spider demon, by Dororo (Kou Shibasaki), a scrappy female thief who is fascinated by not only Hyakkimaru’s prowess with the sword blade poking out of his arm but the new leg he grows after dicing his opponent. Is he a man — or a monster? After hearing his story from an old minstrel, she decides to join him on his travels and find out for herself.

Dororo dresses, talks and swaggers like a guy, but she obviously has more than a matey interest in this strange, fearsome but good-looking bionic warrior. It is an interest that she hides with a bluster that makes the grim-visaged Hyakkimaru smile. What really bonds them, however, are their various battles with demons. Dororo proves herself a fearless ally — if one inclined to get into trouble at awkward moments. But Hyakkimaru decides he must go it alone when he finally encounters his most relentless enemy, his own father. Meanwhile, Dororo realizes that her pal is the son of the man who killed her father and left her an orphan. Is this end of a beautiful friendship?


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Satoshi TsumabukiKou ShibasakiKiichi NakaiMieko HaradaEita
HyakkimaruDororoKagemitsu DaigoYuriTahomaru
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Tetta SugimotoKumiko AsoAnna TsuchiyaHitori GekidanKatsuo NakamuraYoshio Harada
SabameOjiyaSabame ladyscampBipaJukai

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