Download from Acefile ?

This page to give some advice for how to download from acefile and give problem solving for trouble when we download from here.

We Start from how to download from acefile.

  1. As usual, open the link you want to download, form example this —> LINK <—
  2. Scroll to bottom and choose “Download Original” 
  3. Login with your google account
  4. Click “Allow” then you can download the files.


Problem when download from Acefile (Storage Quota Exceeded)

  1. After we click “Download Original” the page show error like this picture :
    That mean your google drive account is FULL, you MUST DELETE some or all files you didn’t want, just visit your Google DRIVE and delete the file. Don’t forget to DELETE FOREVER in your Recycle Bin or Trash like this : 
  2. Open the link again and Click “Download Original” again, so you can download it



Problem when download from Acefile (Show strange Lion Video so didn’t find Download Original Button)

  1. If you see lion video on your screen like this : 
    That mean you access from other country, in this case maybe acefile block some country to play the JWPlayer, so what you can do is :
  2. Copy the link acefile you want to download, for example this –> LINK <–
  3. Visit Proxy web who provides Indonesian Proxy, you can use Zalmos proxy, you can visit here —> ZALMOS <—
  4. Paste the link to Zalmos then click me! like this :
  5. You can scroll a little bit and find the “Download Original”
  6. Now you can login using your google account as usual then click allow and you can download
  7. Also, you can use other Proxy web or VPN until the lion on screen is disappeared.
  8. You can also use Hide Me from Here —> HIDE ME < — (Don’t change the region, you can keep the Netherland Country) and same as Zalmos, paste the link then find “Download Original” Button.


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