First Class 2014


Chinami (Erika Sawajiri) works at a fabric shop, dreaming of one day working in the fashion industry. By accident, she begins work in the editing section for a fashion magazine. Chinami believes her new job may open doors for her to new opportunities, but it turns out her new job is like working in a war zone with daily fights and competitiveness between the women who work there. Can Chinami survive in such a cutthroat environment?


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First Class-Erika Sawajiri.jpg First Class-Yuichi Nakamaru.jpg First Class-Nozomi Sasaki.jpg First Class-Nanao.jpg First Class-Ryoko Yuui.jpg
Erika Sawajiri Yuichi Nakamaru Nozomi Sasaki Nanao Ryoko Yuui
Chinami Yoshinari Itsuki Nishihara Mina Remie Kawashima Shizuka Matsuda
First Class-Rieko Miura.jpg First Class-Tomoko Tabata.jpg First Class-Nicole Ishida.jpg First Class-Hiroyuki Hirayama.jpg First Class-Yuka Itaya.jpg
Rieko Miura Tomoko Tabata Nicole Ishida Hiroyuki Hirayama Yuka Itaya
Konatsu Yamaki Shirayuki Kimura Erena Takumi Isogai Rumi Osawa

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/19/2014 6.5%
02 04/26/2014 9.1%
03 05/03/2014 6.1%
04 05/10/2014 6.7%
05 05/17/2014 6.1%
06 05/24/2014 8.8%
07 05/31/2014 7.8%
08 06/07/2014 8.9%
09 06/14/2014 9.2%
10 06/21/2014 10.3%
Average 8.0%


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