First Kiss Fuji TV Drama 2007 [English Hardsubs by Sars]


Mio Fukunaga(Mao Inoue) is a 20-year-old sassy girl in Los Angeles who happens to have a heart disease. As she is told that her operation will have only 50% success rate, she accepts it bravely with one condition: to spend the summer with her older brother in Japan before the operation. Kazuki Kano (Hideaki Ito), Mio’s older brother who stayed with their father when their parents got divorced, has lived a lazy pathetic life, but is determined to make his sister have one great summer. While Mio pushes him around by demanding lots of things, Kazuki makes every effort in letting her fall in love with someone for the first time. This is a hilarious but heartwarming comedy about the reunited brother and sister who try to find the true meaning of live while they deepen their bond and improve each other as a person. They may leave you something special, too.



Supporting Cast



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