Fukushima 50 [BR-RIP]

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Story takes place over 5 days from March 11 to March 15, 2011.

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake strikes at 2:46 PM on March 11, 2011. The earthquake triggers a giant tsunami that hits the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Toshio Izaki (Koichi Sato) works at the nuclear power plant and he must make a difficult decision. Masao Yoshida (Ken Watanabe) is a manager at the nuclear power plant. He manages the situation as best as he can and communicates with the company headquarters. The Japanese Self-Defence Forces moves in, as as does the U.S. armed forces. Meanwhile, 50 workers stay at the site and fight to contain the horrific disaster.


  1. Based on the nonfiction novel “Shi no Fuchi o Mita Otoko: Yoshida Masao to Fukushima Daiichi Genpatsu no 500-nichi” by Ryusho Kadota (published November 24, 2012 by PHP Institute).
  2. Filming begins late November, 2018 and finishes late January, 2019.


Fukushima 50-Koichi Sato.jpg Fukushima 50-Ken Watanabe.jpg Fukushima 50-Hidetaka Yoshioka.jpg Fukushima 50-Narumi Yasuda.jpg
Koichi Sato Ken Watanabe Hidetaka Yoshioka Narumi Yasuda
Toshio Izaki Masao Yoshida Takumi Maeda Mari Asano

central control room

Fukushima 50-Shohei Hino.jpg Fukushima 50-Mitsuru Hirata.jpg Fukushima 50-Masato Hagiwara.jpg Fukushima 50-Keisuke Horibe.jpg Fukushima 50-Hisahiro Ogura.jpg
Shohei Hino Mitsuru Hirata Masato Hagiwara Keisuke Horibe Hisahiro Ogura
Hisao Omori Shigeru Hirayama Kazuo Igawa Katsuji Kano Kota Yano
Fukushima 50-Masato Wada.jpg Fukushima 50-Masanori Ishii.jpg Fukushima 50-Masaki Miura.jpg Fukushima 50-Arata Horii.jpg Fukushima 50-Yuta Kanai.jpg
Masato Wada Masanori Ishii Masaki Miura Arata Horii Yuta Kanai
Akira Honda Yasuaki Kudo Shinji Naito Masaki Nishikawa Koji Miyamoto
Fukushima 50-Shuichiro Masuda.jpg Fukushima 50-Kunihiro Suda.jpg
Shuichiro Masuda Kunihiro Suda
Hiroyuki Komiya Jun Yamagishi

emergency countermeasure room

Fukushima 50-Naoto Ogata.jpg Fukushima 50-Sarutoki Minagawa.jpg Fukushima 50-Ryo Ono.jpg Fukushima 50-Kazuhiko Kanayama.jpg Fukushima 50-Yoshihisa Amano.jpg
Naoto Ogata Sarutoki Minagawa Ryo Ono Kazuhiko Kanayama Yoshihisa Amano
Shoichi Nojiri Nobuyuki Higuchi Akira Sasaki Norikazu Igarashi Manabu Mochizuki
Fukushima 50-Tomorowo Taguchi.jpg
Tomorowo Taguchi
Kazuhiko Fukuhara

Tokyo Electric Power head office

Fukushima 50-Yasunori Danta.jpg Fukushima 50-Eisuke Sasai.jpg
Yasunori Danta Eisuke Sasai
Goro Takemaru Hideki Onodera

official residence

Fukushima 50-Shiro Sano.jpg Fukushima 50-Akio Kaneda.jpg Fukushima 50-Mantaro Koichi.jpg Fukushima 50-Kenichi Yajima.jpg Fukushima 50-Kenji Anan.jpg
Shiro Sano Akio Kaneda Mantaro Koichi Kenichi Yajima Kenji Anan
Prime Minister Chief Cabinet Secretary Chairman of Japanese Nuclear Safety Commission Director of Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Fukushima 50-Masayuki Ito.jpg
Masayuki Ito
Special Adviser to the Prime Minister


Fukushima 50-Dankan.jpg Fukushima 50-Riho Yoshioka.jpg Fukushima 50-Yasuko Tomita.jpg Fukushima 50-Masane Tsukayama.jpg Fukushima 50-Takumi Saito.jpg
Dankan Riho Yoshioka Yasuko Tomita Masane Tsukayama Takumi Saito
newspaper reporter Haruka Izaki Tomoko Izaki Keizo Izaki Dai Takizawa
Fukushima 50-Yuri Nakamura.jpg Fukushima 50-Shigeru Izumiya.jpg Fukushima 50-Yasuyuki Maekawa.jpg Fukushima 50-Daniel Kahl.jpg
Yuri Nakamura Shigeru Izumiya Yasuyuki Maekawa Daniel Kahl
Kana Maeda Matsunaga Hidekatsu Henmi Johnny


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