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When they were little, Edward Elric (Ryosuke Yamada) and younger brother Alphonse’s mother passed away. The brothers attempt to revive their mother and perform a human transmutation which is taboo in alchemy. Their attempt fails. As a result, Edward loses part of his body and Alphonse loses his whole body. Edward sacrifices another part of his body to affix Alphonse’s soul to a body of armor. Edward goes on to become an Alchemist. He sets out on a journey to find the “Philosopher’s stone,” which has the power to get back what they lost.


  1. Based on manga series “Hagane no Renkinjutsushi” by Hiromu Arakawa (published from August, 2001 to July, 2010 in monthly magazine Gekkan Shonen Gangan).
  2. Filming began June, 2016 in Italy and finished August 26, 2016. Filming took place in Italy for about a month and then in various locations around Japan.


Fullmetal Alchemist-Ryosuke Yamada.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Atomu Mizuishi.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Tsubasa Honda.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Dean Fujioka.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Misako Renbutsu.jpg
Ryosuke Yamada Atomu Mizuishi Tsubasa Honda Dean Fujioka Misako Renbutsu
Edward Elric Alphonse Elric (voice) Winry Rockbell Roy Mustang Riza Hokuai
Fullmetal Alchemist-Ryuta Sato.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Fumiyo Kohinata.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Yo Oizumi.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Natsuna Watanabe.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Natsuki Harada.jpg
Ryuta Sato Fumiyo Kohinata Yo Oizumi Natsuna Watanabe Natsuki Harada
Maes Hughes General Haruko Sho Takka Maria Ross Glacier Hughes
Fullmetal Alchemist-Yasuko Matsuyuki.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Kanata Hongo.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Shinji Uchiyama.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Jun Kunimura.jpg Fullmetal Alchemist-Kenjiro Ishimaru.jpg
Yasuko Matsuyuki Kanata Hongo Shinji Uchiyama Jun Kunimura Kenjiro Ishimaru
Lust Envy Gluttony Dr. Marcoh Cornello