Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo – Episode01-03

  • Drama: Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo
  • Romaji: Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo
  • Japanese: 降り積もれ孤独な死よ
  • Director: Eisuke NaitoTakashi Ninomiya, Takahiro Takasugi
  • Writer: Hajime Inoryu (webcomic), Shota Ito (webcomic), Natsu Hashimoto
  • Network: NTVYTV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 7, 2024 —
  • Runtime: Sunday 22:30
  • Genre: Mystery Drama Series / Suspense
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

In 2017, Detective Jin Saeki (Ryo Narita) works as a detective and he holds a strong sense of justice. He rushes over to a house after receiving a call. There, he discovers the skeletons of 13 boys and guys who died of starvation and a mysterious mark. The suspect of the case is the homeowner Juzo Haikawa (Fumiyo Kohinata), but his whereabouts are unknown. Around this time, Kanon Hasumi (Ai Yoshikawa) appears. She was abandoned by her own parents and was taken in by Juzo Haikawa. She lived with him until 6 years ago. Kanon Hasumi admires Juzo Haikawa like he was her father and she insists that he is innocent. Detective Jin Saeki and Kanon Hasumi chase after the truth of the case.

In 2024, in a hideout for young runaways, a girl suddenly disappears. The mysterious mark also reappears.


  1. “Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo” takes over NTV‘s Sunday 22:30 time slot previously occupied by “Acma: Game.”
  2. Based on webcomic “Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo” written by Hajime Inoryu & illustrated by Shota Ito (first published August 28, 2021 via Magazine Pocket).


Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Ryo Narita.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Ai Yoshikawa.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Fumiyo Kohinata.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Meisa Kuroki.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Taiki Sato.jpg
Ryo Narita Ai Yoshikawa Fumiyo Kohinata Meisa Kuroki Taiki Sato
Jin Saeki Kanon Hasumi Juzo Haikawa Asuka Gomi Jun Suzuki
Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Toru Nomaguchi.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Riku Hagiwara.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Leo Matsumoto.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Kazuto Mokudai.jpg Kuritani
Toru Nomaguchi Riku Hagiwara Leo Matsumoto Kazuto Mokudai Kuritani
Soichi Kawai Sosuke Takimoto Satoru Kawaguchi Takeru Kamishiro Yuma Azuma
Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Bambi Naka.jpg Furitsumore Kodokuna Shiyo-Mizuki Yamashita.jpg
Bambi Naka Mizuki Yamashita
Maya Okishima Toko Mori


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