Fuyou Fukyuu no Ginga [SP]

Date: From 7.30 p.m., 23 July 2020
Scriptwriter: Matayoshi Naoki (Hibana)
Director: Inoue Tsuyoshi
Cast: Lily Franky, Kaho, Kobayashi Katsuya, Suzuki Fuku, Kayashima Mizuki, Ririka, Ando Tamae, Kajihara Zen, Denden, Katagiri Hairi
Synopsis: Amid calls for an extension of the nationwide state of emergency in Japan in early May due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Kawaharas who run a bar called Ginga find themselves at a critical juncture. Should they keep their bar going? The middle-aged owner Mitsuru (Lily Franky) and his much younger second wife Aki (Kaho), who used to be a regular customer at Ginga, are at odds over whether to continue or give up the business. Ginga was opened years ago by Mitsuru’s elderly parents Hachiro (Kobayashi Katsuya) and Chiyo (Katagiri Hairi). Meanwhile, Mitsuru’s teenage son with his first wife, Kei (Suzuki Fuku), is consumed by a desire get close to his girlfriend Yuzuki Yuka (Kayashima Mizuki). What will the family’s future be with their lives and livelihoods at the mercy of the coronavirus?
Official Website: www.nhk.jp/p/ts/12NWNRKW67