Gakeppuchi Hotel 2018 EPISODE01-10 COMPLETE

  • Drama: Hotel on the Brink (English title)
  • Romaji: Gakeppuchi Hoteru
  • Japanese: 崖っぷちホテル!
  • Director: Ryuichi Inomata
  • Writer: Hideo Tsuchida
  • Network: NTV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: April 15, 2018 —
  • Runtime: Sundays 22:30-23:25
  • Genre: Hotel
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

A hotel was once a classic high-end hotel, but not anymore. The hotel is on the brink of bankruptcy with 300 million yen of debt. Sana Sakurai (Erika Toda) is 29-years-old. She works as the general manger of the hotel and she struggles to revive the hotel. One day, Naoya Ukai (Takanori Iwata) visits the hotel as a guest. He places an unprecedented order to hotel staff. A miracle takes place.


Gakeppuchi Hotel-Takanori Iwata.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Erika Toda.jpgKosuke SuzukiGakeppuchi Hotel-Ikkei Watanabe.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Ryo.jpg
Takanori IwataErika TodaKosuke SuzukiIkkei WatanabeRyo
Naoya UkaiSana SakuraiAkito TanzawaMasao TokisadaKozue Edagawa
Gakeppuchi Hotel-Minami Hamabe.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Mari Nishio.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Daisuke Miyagawa.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Tomoya Nakamura.jpgGakeppuchi Hotel-Daichi Saeki.jpg
Minami HamabeMari NishioDaisuke MiyagawaTomoya NakamuraDaichi Saeki
Haru HoraiNaomi YoshimuraNagayoshi AbeRyuji EguchiYozo Hattori
Gakeppuchi Hotel-Chad Mullane.jpgCookie
Chad MullaneCookie
Pierre TanakaTaishi Otawara



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