Genkai Danchi ~ Tokai TV Summer Drama 2018 EPISODE01-08 COMPLETE

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From 11.40 p.m., Saturdays, 2 June 2018

Fuji TV

Ayamecho Complex is a public housing complex that was built in the suburbs of Tokyo in the 1970s. Back then, it was
a lively place and a desirable address for people. But now the number of residents have declined and both the
building and people have steadily aged. One day, 62-year-old Terauchi Seiji and his 6-year-old granddaughter
Honoka move to Ayamecho Complex. Terauchi tells residents curious to know why he has relocated here now, that
he adopted Honoka after his son and daughter-in-law died in a fire a year ago. He believes it will be good for
her to live in the place where he spent a happy childhood. Terauchi’s elderly father Hitoshi also lives with
him. The arrival of the family of three stirs the stagnant air of the complex. Terauchi immediately visits
housewife Sakurai Eriko and her husband Takashi who live next to him, to give his greetings and
enthusiastically declares, “We’re starting a new chapter of our lives in this “dream new town” from today”. He
politely goes around to every unit in the complex and even proactively shows up at a gathering of the residents
association where he seeks interactions within the place. However, it does not work out as intended with an
unmotivated chairman, Kaneda Teppei, and residents who show no regard for rules and greetings. Terauchi gets
into action in an attempt to steer Ayamecho Complex back to the good old times for the sake of his
granddaughter. However, is he a saviour who will save the public housing complex? Or is he a devil?

Sano Shiro as Terauchi Seiji

An old man who has moved to Ayamecho Complex. He does perfect housework and takes proper care of his granddaughter
Honoka and elderly father Hitoshi. He is comfortably off because of an inheritance from his wife and insurance
money paid out upon the deaths of his son and daughter-in-law in a fire. He is pure like a child and a tendency
to overreact. He devotes himself to other people because feeling needed gives him something to live for. He is
willing to sacrifice anything for Honoka’s sake.

Adachi Rika as Sakurai Eriko

The Terauchis’ neighbour. A housewife with a 6-year-old son. Because she is not good at asserting herself, she is
almost bullied by the other housewives living in Ayamecho Complex. While she has a vague sense that her husband
Takashi is cheating on her, she cannot say anything. She is initially confused by Terauchi Seiji’s attitude but
is impressed by his devotion and becomes a family friend.

Sakoda Takaya as Sakurai Takashi

Sakurai Eriko’s husband who is a busy salaryman. He and Eriko, who is 12 years younger, are weary of married life
but love their son. He wishes to move out of Ayamecho Complex quickly. However, he learns about rumours of
redevelopment and postpones moving because he wants the subsidy.

Yamazaki Shigenori as Kaneda Teppei

A resident of Ayamecho Complex. He is a part-time worker. An apathetic man who walks within the compound in a
sweatsuit and smokes in the daytime. He was forced to be the chairman of the residents’ association which is a
role that no one wants to do. He is a rogue who will do anything for his own benefit.

Asaka Mayumi as Kikuchi Fumiyo

Terauchi Seiji’s in-law. The mother of his son’s wife. After her daughter got married, particularly after Honoka’s
birth, she felt Terauchi’s behaviour was abnormal. She suspects his involvement in the deaths of her daughter
and son-in-law in a fire. She does not have long to live because of her illness and only her desire to take
revenge against Terauchi keeps her alive.

Enami Kyoko as Azuma Kayoko

An elderly lady who is a resident of Ayamecho Complex. She lives in a unit overflowing with garbage which she has
hoarded. She roams about the complex rarely uttering a word. The residents find her behaviour creepy but she
opens up to Terauchi Seiji for some reason


Kosaka Takafumi (Mahiru no Akuma, Hi no Ko, Doctor X Seasons 4 – 5)