Gokuaku Ganbo 2014

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When Kaoru Kanzaki was a child, her mother’s restaurant went bankrupt. Her family became poor afterwards. Since graduating from middle school, Kaoru Kanzaki has worked hard and lived a thrifty life to escape poverty. As a result, she is able to save 1 million yen. Kauro though lends her colleague 1 million yen, which leads her to fall heavily in debt and her life spiral downward again.

At that time, Kaoru Kanzaki happens to meet members of Koshimizu Management Consultant and becomes a member. Kaoru Kanzaki struggles to get out of her desperate situation.


  1. Based on manga series “Gokuaku Ganbo” by Takashi Tajima (writer) and Takahiro Kochi (illustrator) (published from 2001 to 2009 in seinen manga magazine Evening).
  2. Manga series “Gokuaku Ganbo” is set in Hiroshima and main character is a man. Drama series is set in fictional city of Kanekure and main character is a woman.


Gokuaku Ganbo-Machiko Ono.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Kippei Shiina.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Shohei Miura.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Riisa Naka.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Riki Takeuchi.jpg
Machiko Ono Kippei Shiina Shohei Miura Riisa Naka Riki Takeuchi
Kaoru Kanzaki Hiraku Fuyutsuki Kazuma Takemoto Kiriko Mayakashi Daisaku Natsume
Gokuaku Ganbo-Itsuji Itao.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Takashi Ukaji.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Kaoru Kobayashi.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Kankuro Kudo.jpg Gokuaku Ganbo-Joe Odagiri.jpg
Itsuji Itao Takashi Ukaji Kaoru Kobayashi Kankuro Kudo Joe Odagiri
Takumi Nukemichi Teruo Makiage Gen Koshimizu Iyataro Toyotomi Tamotsu Ijyuin
Gokuaku Ganbo-Tomokazu Miura.jpg
Tomokazu Miura
Chiaki Kaneko

Additional Cast Members:’



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