Good Life ~Arigatou, Papa. Sayonara~2011

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Daichi Sawamoto (Takashi Sorimachi) is a society reporter for a newspaper company. One day, his wife Kaori (Haruka Igawa) leaves behind divorce papers for him to sign. Daichi begins to take care of his 6-year-old his son Hakumo (Amon Kabe) alone.

Meanwhile, Child Life Specialist Nanami (Nana Eikura) begins work at a pediatrics hospital. She tries to have good relationships with the nurses, but the nurses are unfamiliar with her work.

Daichi gets a phone call from Hakumo’s homeroom teacher Ryoji (Hirofumi Araki). Ryoji tells him that his son was injured, but Daichi hangs up and goes to his lawyer’s office to settle his divorce.

6-year-old Hakumo tells Dr. Minato (Tsuyoshi Ihara) that his injury is no big deal, but he has felt knee pain for some time. Dr. Minato gets a sense of foreboding.


  1. Based on the Korean best seller “Kashigoki” by Jo Chang-In, which was first published in 2000 & has sold over 2,000,000 copies.


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Takashi SorimachiAmon KabeHaruka IgawaNana EikuraTsuyoshi IharaTakeshi Kaga
Daichi SawamotoHakumo SawamotoKaori SawamotoNanami KonnoDr. Minato MaruyamaShinpei Yukimura
Good Life-Hirofumi Araki.jpgGood Life-Kunito Watanabe.jpgGood Life-Natsuko Nagaike.jpgGood Life-Toshiyuki Kitami.jpg
Hirofumi ArakiKunito WatanabeNatsuko NagaikeToshiyuki Kitami
Ryoji HosokawaKeiji KurokiYuka AdachiShinichi Okuda

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