Tokunaga (Kento Hayashi) is an unpopular comedian. He happens to meet comedian Kamiya (Kazuki Namioka) who has quite a foul mouth and a genius sense of comedy. Tokunaga is strongly attracted to Kamiya and asks if he could mentor him. Kamiya accepts. Every night they talk about comedy while drinking alcohol. Tokunaga slowly gains popularity as part of his comedy duo. Meanwhile, Kamiya has a hard time because everything doesn’t work out. Kamiya falls into debt and suddenly he disappears.


  1. Based on the novel “Hibana” by Naoki Matayoshi (published March 11, 2015 by Bungeishunju).
  2. Related titles:
    1. Hibana: Spark | Hibana (Netflix-NHK / 2016)
    2. Spark | Hibana (2017)


Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Kento Hayashi.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Kazuki Namioka.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Mugi Kadowaki.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Masao Yoshii.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Hideaki Murata.jpg
Kento Hayashi Kazuki Namioka Mugi Kadowaki Masao Yoshii Hideaki Murata
Tokunaga Kamiya Maki Miyano Makoto Yamashita Kazuya Obayashi
Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Nahana.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Sayaka Yamamoto.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Eri Tokunaga.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Daichi Watanabe.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Maryjun Takahashi.jpg
Nahana Sayaka Yamamoto Eri Tokunaga Daichi Watanabe Maryjun Takahashi
Erika Nishida izakaya employee Ayumi Onodera Yurie
Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Tetsu Watanabe.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Shota Sometani.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Tomorowo Taguchi.jpg Hibana- Spark (drama series)-Kaoru Kobayashi.jpg
Tetsu Watanabe Shota Sometani Tomorowo Taguchi Kaoru Kobayashi
Roku-san Kenji Ogata Seitaro Hyuga Watanabe