HKT48 – 3-2 (13th Single) [2020.04.22]

'3-2' is the 13th single of HKT48 (and the first one after more than one year) released on 2020-04-22 in three different versions; Type A+B (with DVDs) and Theater (CD only). This is the AAC web special edition with all songs from all physical versions, but without off-vocals.

01. 3-2 (All types)
02. おしゃべりジュークボックス / Oshaberi Jukebox (All types)
03. キスの花びら / Kiss no Hanabira (Type A exclusive)
04. How about you? (Type B exclusive)
05. 青春の出口 / Seishun no Deguchi (Theater edition exclusive)

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