HKT48 vs. NGT48 Sashikita Gassen

HKT48 vs. NGT48 Sashikita Gassen (original title: HKT48vsNGT48さしきた合戦) is a variety TV show featuring members from HKT48 and NGT48.

The show started run on January 4, 2016. It airs Mondays on NTV at 25:29 JST for half an hour.


This show features members of both groups participating head-to-head in contests, pranks, physical prowess challenges, or idol appeal battles to try and reel in a victory for their group. It is hosted by Sashihara Rino, with Kitahara Rie as co-host.

A special Hulu-online-service-only segment runs alongside the show, called “HKT48xNGT48 Tabe shoujo”, where three members of either group go out to eat together in a local restaurant and talk. A small preview of this segment is included at the end of each regular episode.