Holiday Love TV Asahi Winter Drama 2018 EPISODE01-08 COMPLETED + Batch


Azu Takamori (Riisa Naka) is 30-years-old and married to Junpei (Takashi Tsukamoto). They have a 5-year-old daughter. She runs a nail shop out of her house. Azu Takamori has a happy life, but she is not satisfied with her marriage. Her husband is more like a family lover than a lover.

One day, Junpei comes home with bruises on his face. He had an affair with a female co-worker and the woman’s husband found out about their affair. Junpei’s bruises are from the other woman’s husband. Azu Takamori happy life collapses. She is filled with anguish, but tries to restart life with her husband. They face a difficult situation.


  1. Based on manga series “Horidei Rabu – Fuufukan Renai” by Yukari Koyama (writer) & Eriza Kusakabe (illustrator) (first published May 13, 2015 by Kodansha).


Holiday Love-Riisa Naka.jpgHoliday Love-Takashi Tsukamoto.jpgHoliday Love-Tomoya Nakamura.jpgHoliday Love-Marika Matsumoto.jpgYuki Yamada
Riisa NakaTakashi TsukamotoTomoya NakamuraMarika MatsumotoYuki Yamada
Azu TakamoriJunpei TakamoriWataru IzutsuRina IzutsuYoshinobu Kuroi
Holiday Love-Hiroki Iijima.jpgHoliday Love-Ryutaro Okada.jpgHoliday Love-Mitsu Dan.jpgHoliday Love-Yuta Hiraoka.jpg
Hiroki IijimaRyutaro OkadaMitsu DanYuta Hiraoka
Shun KoizumiMasato IchinoseReika SakaguchiRyoma Haruta

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