How to Download ?

Since google drive script app not verified, so we cannot login into it. In the end, we just give up from get verify from google, because i never get verify from google, always rejected 🙁 So here’s the best solution for me and you guys.
1. For PC. Download Maxthon Browser here —> Download
1.1 For Android or iPhone, download UC Browser.
2. As always, open link you want to download. 3. Log-in with your google account. 4. Click Allow. 5. Click Download again. 6. Done ^^
7. For Android/iPhone, same. Install UC Browser and follow the step up there.
  8. If you dont wanna download through Maxthon browser, just open your google drive account via chrome or any browser after step 6 done. This Maxthon just to login and copy the files