Impossibility Defense Prequel & Movie BRRIP [1080/720]

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Tadashi Usobuki (Tori Matsuzaka) wears a black suit and he is a contract killer. Nobody knows about his past. He receives requests from clients who are filled with desire or hate. He carries out his work using methods like the power of suggestion which makes the killings nearly impossible to trace.


  1. Based on manga series “Funohan” written by Arata Miyatsuki and illustrated by Yuya Kanzaki (first published October, 2013 in seinen manga magazine Grand Jump).
  2. Erika Sawajiri‘s Tomoko Tada character was a male character in the original manga series.
  3. Related titles:
    1. Impossibility Defense | Funohan (dTV / 2017)
    2. Impossibility Defense | Funohan (2018)


Impossibility Defense-Tori Matsuzaka.jpg Impossibility Defense-Erika Sawajiri.jpg Impossibility Defense-Mackenyu Arata.jpg Impossibility Defense-Shotaro Mamiya.jpg Impossibility Defense-Tet Wada.jpg
Tori Matsuzaka Erika Sawajiri Mackenyu Arata Shotaro Mamiya Tet Wada
Tadashi Usobuki Tomoko Tada Asao Momose Takeru Kawabata Yoshiki Akai
Impossibility Defense-Tetsuya Sugaya.jpg Impossibility Defense-Sae Okazaki.jpg Impossibility Defense-Erina Mano.jpg Impossibility Defense-Shugo Oshinari.jpg Impossibility Defense-Kensei Mikami.jpg
Tetsuya Sugaya Sae Okazaki Erina Mano Shugo Oshinari Kensei Mikami
Ryohei Wakamatsu Natsumi Maekawa Yu Kimura Takeshi Haneda Isao Kijima
Impossibility Defense-Kyoka Minakami.jpg Impossibility Defense-Hiroki Konno.jpg Impossibility Defense-Akane Hotta.jpg Impossibility Defense-Sei Ashina.jpg Impossibility Defense-Akiko Yada.jpg
Kyoka Minakami Hiroki Konno Akane Hotta Sei Ashina Akiko Yada
Momoka Haneda Toshio Sakurai Saeko Nishi Risa Yumehara Mifuyu Yome
Impossibility Defense-Ken Yasuda.jpg Impossibility Defense-Nenji Kobayashi.jpg
Ken Yasuda Nenji Kobayashi
Ko Kawazumura Hiroshi Torimori


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