Ito-kun A to E Movie BRRIP [720&480]

  • Movie: The Many Faces of Ito
  • Romaji: Ito-kun A to E
  • Japanese: 伊藤くん A to E
  • Director: Ryuichi Hiroki
  • Writer: Asako Yuzuki (novel)
  • Producer: Kei Haruna
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: January 12, 2018
  • Runtime: 126 min.
  • Genre: Mystery / Romance
  • Distributor: Showgate
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Seijiro Ito (Masaki Okada) possesses good looks, but also has an overinflated ego. He gets involved with five different women. Rio Yazaki (Fumino Kimura) is one of the women involved with Seijiro Ito. She wants to revive her career as a screenwriter, by using other people’s unhappiness.


  1. Based on the novel “Ito-kun A to E” by Asako Yuzuki (published September 27, 2013 by Gentosha).
  2. Filming begins late July, 2017 and finishes in a month.
  3. Related titles:
    1. The Many Faces of Ito | Ito-kun A to E (TBS-MBS / 2017)
    2. The Many Faces of Ito | Ito-kun A to E (2018)


Ito-kun A to E-Masaki Okada.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Fumino Kimura.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Nozomi Sasaki.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Mirai Shida.jpg
Masaki Okada Fumino Kimura Nozomi Sasaki Mirai Shida
Seijiro Ito Rio Yazaki Tomomi Shimabara (A) Shuko Nose (B)
Ito-kun A to E-Elaiza Ikeda.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Kaho.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Kei Tanaka.jpg Ito-kun A to E-Tomoya Nakamura.jpg
Elaiza Ikeda Kaho Kei Tanaka Tomoya Nakamura
Satoko Aida (C) Miki Jinbo (D) Shinya Tamura Kentarou Kusumi

Additional Cast Members: