Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami – EPISODE01-08 [COMPLETE]

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff ©

Mio Imai (Haru) came to Tokyo from Yamanashi to pursue her dream of becoming a manga writer. 3 years ago, she made her debut as a manga writer. Since then, she has written a manga and now works as an assistant to another manga writer. One day, she receives an email about an upcoming middle school reunion. She graduated from her middle school 14 years ago. Mio Imai returns to Yamanashi and attends her middle school reunion. There, she meets 5 friends from her middle school days: Shuichi Amemiya (Kento Hayashi), Ryo Fukazawa (Junpei Mizobata), Reiko Honda (Yuika Motokariya), Nanae Iwasaki (Yua Shinkawa) and Yuumi Nose (Tomoka Kurokawa).

Everyone at the reunion has a good time together. Shuichi Amemiya suggests they should dig out the time capsule they buried on their middle school graduation day. The friends go to their middle school and retrieve the time capsule. Mio Imai picks out a note among the items in the time capsule. The note states “Everyone won’t forget Yuki Nakano,” but the 6 friends there can’t remember Yuki Nakano’s face.


  1. “Dear My Loneliness and Darkness” takes over TV Asahi‘s Friday 23:15 time slot previously occupied by “The Men of the Wada Family” and followed by “Mr. Housekeeper, Mitazono Season 5” on April 22, 2022.
  2. Based on webcomic “Itoshii Uso: Yasashii Yami” by Mizuho Aimoto (first published April 25, 2020 via Palcy).


Itoshii Uso-Haru.jpg Itoshii Uso-Kento Hayashi.jpg Itoshii Uso-Junpei Mizobata.jpg Itoshii Uso-Yuika Motokariya.jpg Itoshii Uso-Yua Shinkawa.jpg
Haru Kento Hayashi Junpei Mizobata Yuika Motokariya Yua Shinkawa
Mio Imai Shuichi Amemiya Ryo Fukazawa Reiko Honda Nanae Iwasaki
Itoshii Uso-Tomoka Kurokawa.jpg Itoshii Uso-Satoshi Tokushige.jpg Itoshii Uso-Sayuri Matsumura.jpg Itoshii Uso-Mari Nishio.jpg Dear My Loneliness and Darkness-Ryo Kimura.jpg
Tomoka Kurokawa Satoshi Tokushige Sayuri Matsumura Mari Nishio Ryo Kimura
Yuumi Nose Tadashi Nose Rie Okazaki Hiroko Enami Kazuya Kobori
Dear My Loneliness and Darkness-Hitomi Takahashi.jpg Dear My Loneliness and Darkness-Koen Kondo.jpg
Hitomi Takahashi Koen Kondo
Sayuri Amemiya Seiji Tamura

Additional Cast Members:


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