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Kaiju Club (怪獣倶楽部〜空想特撮青春記〜? Kaijū Kurabu Kūsō Tokusatsu Seishunki, lt. “Monster Club: Fictional Special Effects Youth Chronicle”) is a four-episode late night Japanese television drama series.[3] The series receive collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions for the production and appearance of Ultra Monsters in the series.[1]

The series took place in mid-1970’s and focuses on club members who have devoted to the Kaiju of Tokusatsu shows while trying to self-publish a magazine that deals with the topic. Each episodes feature the guest appearance of monsters from Ultra Series.[1][3]


  • Ryōta (リョウタ):[4] The main protagonist. A 22 years old college student and an ace member of Kaiju Club.
  • Katsuo (カツオ):[4] 17 years old. A high school student who is rather mature despite his age.
  • Yuriko (ユリコ):[4] 22 years old. A honorable college student.
  • Shingo (シンゴ):[4] 22 years old. An otaku who has a habit of fixing other’s mistake.
  • Yūsuke (ユウスケ):[4] 24 years old. An artistic member of Kaiju Club who can draw monsters.
  • Nishi (ニシ):[4] 33 years old. A salaryman who supports the Kaiju Club. He is also knowledgeable in musics.
  • Jō (ジョー):[4] 33 years old. Number 2 member of Kaiju Club who often gave ideas to others. He is also a magazine writer.
  • Cap (キャップ Kyappu):[4] Age unknown, he is the mysterious founder of the Kaiju Club.

Ultra Monsters[edit]

  • Alien Metron (メトロン星人 Metoron Seijin):[1]
  • Alien Guts (ガッツ星人 Gattsu Seijin):[1]
  • Zetton (ゼットン):[1]
  • Alien Ghos (ゴース星人 Gōsu Seijin):[1]








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