Kakusho~Keishicho Sousa 3 Ka 2013

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Akiho Takeda (Nana Eikura) is assigned to #3 investigation team for The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. On her first day at work, a burglary takes place at a jewelry store in Shibuya. The case though is taken by the #1 investigation team which Akiho hoped to join. Nevertheless, Akiho goes secretly to the jewelry store where the theft took place. There she sees a man with piercing eyes among the onlookers. That man is veteran detective Shuichi Hagio (Katsumi Takahashi), who also works for the #3 investigation team. They become partners and work together.

Later, a safe at a jewelry store in Roppongi is broken into. The safe breaking case is assigned to the #3 investigation team. Shuichi and Akiho go to the jewelry store in Roppongi. They learn that the safe was protected by a secret code and a high tech fingerprint authentication system. Stolen from the safe is the diamond called “Besu”. The “Besu” is one of three diamonds that makes up the “Kuraida Family’s Three Sisters”. The other two diamonds are “Ani” and “Kyasari”. The diamond “Ani” was stolen from the jewelry store in Shibuya, that occurred a few days earlier. Several people believe the two diamond thefts were done by the same person(s), but Akiho mentions the techniques used by thieves are different. Yet, Akiho believes there must be a connection between the two cases.


  1. Based on novel “Kakusho” by Bin Konno (published July 18, 2012 by Futabasha Publishers Ltd.).


Kakusho-Katsumi Takahashi.jpg Kakusho-Nana Eikura.jpg Kakusho-Ryuji Yamamoto.jpg Kakusho-Osamu Shitara.jpg Kakusho-Satoshi Matsuda.jpg
Katsumi Takahashi Nana Eikura Ryuji Yamamoto Osamu Shitara Satoshi Matsuda
Shuichi Hagio Akiho Takeda Ino Naotaka Nagai Hiroshi Kanda
Kakusho-Takuzo Kadono.jpg Kakusho-Tomo Yanagishita.jpg Kakusho-Yasuhi Nakamura.jpg Kakusho-Tomoka Kurokawa.jpg Kakusho-Mari Nishio.jpg
Takuzo Kadono Tomo Yanagishita Yasuhi Nakamura Tomoka Kurokawa Mari Nishio
Morio Tabata Takahiro Obuchi Ko Kuwana Minayo Tomosaka Shizu Makimura
Kakusho-Chieko Iinuma.jpg Kakusho-Machiko Washio.jpg Kakusho-Shigeru Izumiya.jpg Tomoko Nakajima
Chieko Iinuma Machiko Washio Shigeru Izumiya Tomoko Nakajima
Eiko Yumita Sanae Uemura Daikichi Fukuda Yuriko Hagio

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