Kami no Shizuku 2009


Two men compete in a fateful quest to solve a mystery in this thrilling human drama about wine. The story is based on a manga series of the same title in which the comic books sold more than 2 million copies in Japan and Korea ,and extended its popularity to France, the home of wine.

Shizuku (Kazuya Kamenashi) is the son of a world-renowned wine critic Yutaka Kanzaki (Ikko Furuya). Refusing to follow his father’s path, he had become a salesman at a major beer company, only to find himself transferred to the newly-founded Wine Division at his company. Rumour has it that the transfer had to do with his father being a great critic, but Shizuku himself had been a rebellious son and had no interest in wine.

Suddenly his father Yutaka passes away, leaving a wine collection worth more than two billion yen (20 billion US$). According to his will, the son who guesses correctly all of the vintage years and names of the so-called “Apostles,” 6 ultimate bottles of wine selected by Yutaka himself, plus the “Kami No Shizuku,” in other words “The Drops of the Gods” – the rare wine that stands at the top of it all, shall inherit the whole collection.

A fierce competition begins as Issei Tomine (Seiichi Tanabe), a renowned somme-lier and wine critic reveals that he was adopted by Yutaka and steps forward into the battle for the priceless collection.


Drops of God-Kazuya Kamenashi.jpg Drops of God-Seiichi Tanabe.jpg Drops of God-Riisa Naka.jpg Drops of God-Naho Toda.jpg Drops of God-Takeshi Masu.jpg
Kazuya Kamenashi Seiichi Tanabe Riisa Naka Naho Toda Takeshi Masu
Shizuku Kamizaki Issei Tomine Miyabi Shinohara Ryoko Kiryu Kawarage
Drops of God-Hiromasa Taguchi.jpg Drops of God-Nozomi Sasaki.jpg Drops of God-Genki Hirakata.jpg Drops of God-Mika Hagi.jpg Drops of God-Yuki Uchida.jpg
Hiromasa Taguchi Nozomi Sasaki Genki Hirakata Mika Hagi Yuki Uchida
Chosuke Honma Sara Ryusuke Kido Saori Minamoto Maki Saionji
Drops of God-Takuro Tatsumi.jpg Drops of God-Naoto Takenaka.jpg Drops of God-Ikko Furuya.jpg
Takuro Tatsumi Naoto Takenaka Ikko Furuya
Shiro Fujieda Robert Doi Yutaka Kanzaki

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 04/16/2009 10.3%
02 04/23/2009 7.3%
03 04/30/2009 6.2%
04 05/07/2009 5.0%
05 05/14/2009 6.0%
06 05/21/2009 4.9%
07 05/28/2009 4.7%
08 06/04/2009 4.9%
09 06/11/2009 5.4%
Average 6.08%


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