Keyakizaka46 – Keyaki Kyouwakoku 2019 (Keyaki Republic 2019)

Full original title: 欅共和国2019 (初回生産限定盤)
Alternative English title: Keyaki Republic 2019
Release date: 2020-08-12
Number of discs: 2

‘Keyaki Kyouwakoku 2019’ was an annual three-day concert of Keyakizaka46 that took place on July 5-7, 2019, at Fuji-Q Highland (an amusement complex in Yamanashi, close to the base of Mt. Fuji).

As usual, the first disc of this limited Blu-Ray edition contains the concert itself (July 7, the final day), while the second disc (missing in regular editions) is a documentary/behind-the-scenes feature.

Detailed contents:

・Student Dance
・I’m out

・The Documentary of 欅共和国2019

More info:欅共和国_2019欅共和国


* Ripped from new physical discs with AnyDVD HD (Rip to Image, default settings)
* Each ISO ripped twice and verified to have the same checksum
* All individual .m2ts files checked with TS-Doctor and verified to have zero errors/warnings
* Playback tested with Daemon Tools / PowerDVD 17 & MPC-HC & VLC (also with PowerDVD set to a different region)
* The ‘Images’ folder has the image of the box and screenshots of all menus (useful for players without menu support)


Disc01 ll Disc02

You Need unlimited google drive space for download this files, because BDISO size 31GB for Disc01


Disc01 ll Disc02



Artis : Keyakizaka46
Judul : Keyaki Republic 2019 (2020)
Subtitle : Indonesia, Japan & Romaji (Karaoke Effect)
Type Audio : Single Audio (On Vocal)
Subtitle dan Karaoke Effect oleh : elm48nifico


Disc01 Keyaki Kyouwakoku 2019
1080p ll 720p
Disc02 The Documentary of Keyaki Republic 2019
1080p ll 720p