Kiina: Fuka no Hanzai Sosakan NTV Winter Drama 2009


Kiina Haruse (Miho Kanno) is a 29-year-old crack detective for an elite crime unit that specializes in “supernatural crimes” (impossible to solve explain). Her exceptional skills & unique feminine point of views are put to the test every week.

Kiina, the soft spoken girl who wears girly clothes, works in “Beppan,” a special unit of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Elite freshman Takeru Yamazaki (Yuta Hiraoka) works alongside Kiina, along with crime lab official and Kiina’s ex-boyfriend Shinichiro Kudo (Muga Tsukaji), as well as her boss Kazuma Miyabi (Ikki Sawamura).


  1. One of the biggest attractions of this show is that each of these bizarre crimes are based on actual events that have been introduced in popular Japanese TV shows such as “Far East Research Co. Ltd.” or the long-running “The! Sekai Gyoten News” (world’s astonishing news).


Kiina1-Miho Kanno.jpg Kiina1-Yuta Hiraoka.jpg Kiina1-Muga Tsukaji.jpg Kiina1-Eiko Koike.jpg Kiina1-Masao Kusakari.jpg Kiina1-Ikki Sawamura.jpg
Miho Kanno Yuta Hiraoka Muga Tsukaji Eiko Koike Masao Kusakari Ikki Sawamura
Kiina Haruse Takeru Yamazaki Shinichiro Kudo Sakura Endo Shuji Mitarai Kazuma Miyabi
Kiina-Toshihide Tonesaku.jpg Kiina-Ryosuke Takahashi.jpg Kiina-Akio Kaneda.jpg Kiina-Sakura.jpg Kiina-Anna Sonoda.jpg
Toshihide Tonesaku Ryosuke Takahashi Akio Kaneda Sakura Anna Sonoda
Koji Hattori Yosuke Hanada Akihiko Tsuda Yumi Tamai Maki Uchida

Additional Cast Members:


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