Kimi wa petto 2003

  • Drama: You’re My Pet
  • Romaji: Kimi wa Pet / Kimi wa petto
  • Japanese: きみはペット
  • Director: Arata KatoFuminori KanekoMahoko Takanari
  • Writer: Mika OmoriYayoi Ogawa (manga)
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: April 9 – June 18, 2003
  • TV Ratings: 11.9%
  • Runtime: Wed. 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


With an unusual take on pet ownership, this drama asks women, “what if your pet was a man?” Smart, successful and good-looking Sumire Iwaya works for a big newspaper. However, her boss asks her to leave for being too “perfect” a woman and then makes a pass at her. Feeling angry and dejected, she finds a young man in a box out the front of her home and takes him in. He looks like a dog she used to own called Momo. She dubs him Momo and decides to “keep him as a pet.” It’s the start of an unexpected life together as they overcome obstacles and become quite attached to one another. But can love like this exist?


  1. Based on Yayaoi Ogawa’s Japanese manga “Kimi wa Pet” serialized from 2000 to 2005. The comic won the 2003 Kodanisha Manga Award.
  2. Related titles:
    1. You’re My Pet Kimi wa petto (TBS / 2003)
    2. You’re My Pet | Neoneun Pet (2011)
    3. You’re My Pet | Kimi wa Petto (Fuji TV / 2017)


Youre My Pet-TBS-Koyuki.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Jun Matsumoto.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Seiichi Tanabe.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Sarina Suzuki.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Wakanabe Sakai.jpg
KoyukiJun MatsumotoSeiichi TanabeSarina SuzukiWakana Sakai
Sumire IwayaTakeshi Goda / MomoShigehito HasumiYuri ShirotaeShiori Fukushima
Youre My Pet-TBS-Eita.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Misa Uehara.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Satomi Ishihara.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Ken Mitsuishi.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Magii.jpg
EitaMisa UeharaSatomi IshiharaKen MitsuishiMagii
Horibe JunpeiMayumi KurakiRumi ShibusawaShiketu HoshinoNobuyuki Uriyama
Youre My Pet-TBS-Ryuta Sato.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Otoha.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Toru Yamazaki.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Shinji Yamashita.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Ikkei Watanabe.jpgYoure My Pet-TBS-Kyozo Nagatsuka.jpg
Ryuta SatoOtohaToru YamazakiShinji YamashitaIkkei WatanabeKyozo Nagatsuka
Yuta IshidaHaruka KurimotoKenzuke WakisakaMinori OishiEikichi ShimizuSatoshi Asano

Additional Cast Members:


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