Kirawareru Yuuki [Master Post]


Ranko Ando (Karina) is a detective. She is 32-years-old and single. Ranko Ando does her job well and has solved difficult cases. She doesn’t listen to others and doesn’t care what others think about her. She works with detective Toshio Aoyama (Shigeaki Kato). He holds a strong sense of justice and cares what others think about him.


  1. Based on the self-improvement book “Kirawareru Yuuki” by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga (published December 13, 2013 by DIAMOND,Inc.).


Kirawareru Yuuki-Karina.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Shigeaki Kato.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Kippei Shiina.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Takeshi Masu.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Shigeyuki Totsugi.jpg
Karina Shigeaki Kato Kippei Shiina Takeshi Masu Shigeyuki Totsugi
Ranko Ando Toshio Aoyama Tetsuto Daimonji Yosuke Handa Masaaki Komiyama
Kirawareru Yuuki-Tomomi Maruyama.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Dori Sakurada.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Satoshi Judai.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Marie Iitoyo.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Itsuki Sagara.jpg
Tomomi Maruyama Dori Sakurada Satoshi Judai Marie Iitoyo Itsuki Sagara
Yoshitaka Urabe Takatoshi Miyake Toshiro Hijikata Michiko Kari Meiko Soma
Kirawareru Yuuki-Bokuzo Masana.jpg Kirawareru Yuuki-Sae Okazaki.jpg
Bokuzo Masana Sae Okazaki
Junnosuke Kaji Yukina Murakami


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Episode 5  (480p x264)