Kizoku Tantei Fuji TV Spring Drama 2017 COMPLETE


A man (Masaki Aiba) identifies himself as “Kizoku” (“Aristocrat”) and works as a private detective for a hobby. Nobody knows his age, address or anything about his family. The actual deductions and investigations are carried out by his employees including his butler, maid and chauffeur. He only has a good time talking to the women involved in the cases.

Meanwhile, Aika Takatoku (Emi Takei) works as a private detective. She competes with the Aristocrat Detective to solve cases.


  1. Based on the novel “Kizoku Tantei” by Yutaka Maya (published May 26, 2010 by Shueisha).


The Noble Detective-Masaki Aiba.jpgThe Noble Detective-Emi Takei.jpgThe Noble Detective-Katsuhisa Namase.jpgThe Noble Detective-Haruka Kinami.jpgThe Noble Detective-Amane Okayama.jpg
Masaki AibaEmi TakeiKatsuhisa NamaseHaruka KinamiAmane Okayama
noble detectiveAika TakatokuRaiu HanagataYoriko TamamuraShingo Tsunemi
The Noble Detective-Michiko Tanaka.jpgThe Noble Detective-Haruka Igawa.jpgThe Noble Detective-Kenichi Takito.jpgThe Noble Detective-Miho Nakayama.jpgThe Noble Detective-Yutaka Matsushige.jpg
Michiko TanakaHaruka IgawaKenichi TakitoMiho NakayamaYutaka Matsushige
Izumi FuyukiKiriko KitamiSatoTanakaYamamoto
The Noble Detective-Yukie Nakama.jpg
Yukie Nakama
mysterious woman




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