Kounodori TBS Fall Drama 2015

  • Drama: Dr. Storks / Dr. STOЯKS
  • Romaji: Kounodori
  • Japanese: コウノドリ
  • Director: Nobuhiro Doi, Fuminori Kaneko
  • Writer: You Suzunoko (manga), Mutsumi Yamamoto
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes: 10
  • Release Date: October 16-December 18, 2015
  • Runtime: Fridays 22:00
  • TV Ratings: 11.41% (weekly average)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Sakura Konotori (Gou Ayano) is a gynecologist and also a pianist known as “Baby.” He is the leader of a ob-gyn team and respected by his peers.

One day, he begins to play the piano at a club in Tokyo. 10 minutes later, he stops playing and takes a call from the hospital on whether to accept a pregnant woman. He rushes to the hospital. The pregnant woman has never had an examination and the hospital isn’t even sure how many months she has been pregnant. Sakura decides to accept the pregnant woman even though there is high risk. He asks the Neonatology team for help. Takayuki Imahashi (Nao Omori) is the leader of the Neonatology team and he prepares for the woman to give birth.


  1. Based on the manga series “Kounodori” by You Suzunoko (first published June 21, 2013 by Kodansha).


Kounodori-Gou Ayano.jpg Kounodori-Mayu Matsuoka.jpg Kounodori-Yo Yoshida.jpg Kounodori-Kentaro Sakaguchi1.jpg Kounodori-Yusuke Hirayama.jpg
Gou Ayano Mayu Matsuoka Yo Yoshida Kentaro Sakaguchi Yusuke Hirayama
Sakura Konotori Kae Shimoya Rumiko Komatsu Ryo Shirakawa Hiroshi Kase
Kounodori-Nana Seino.jpg Kounodori-Akinaga Toyomoto.jpg Kounodori-Kazuyuki Asano.jpg Kounodori-Noriko Eguchi.jpg Kounodori-Sayaka Yamaguchi.jpg
Nana Seino Akinaga Toyomoto Kazuyuki Asano Noriko Eguchi Sayaka Yamaguchi
Mayumi Kadota Takuya Funakoshi Director Osawa Sachiko Mukai Megumi Arai
Kounodori-Gen Hoshino.jpg Kounodori-Nao Omori.jpg Koundori-Shun Oguri.jpg Kounodori-Fumika Shimizu.jpg
Gen Hoshino Nao Omori Shun Oguri Fumika Shimizu
Haruki Shinomiya Takayuki Imahashi Hiroyuki Nagai Natsuki Yano (ep.1)

Additional Cast Members: