Lucky Seven Fuji TV Winter drama 2012


“Lucky Seven” depicts the story of 7 detectives who work together at a private eye firm in Kitashinagawa, Tokyo. The seven detectives do not get along and argue frequently, but they pull together to when its time to solve a case.

Shuntaro Tokita (Jun Matsumoto) is a playboy, more interested in chasing women than having a job. At a hotel, where Shuntaro and a woman are having an affair, Teru (Eita), Junpei (Yo Oizumi) and Asuka (Riisa Naka) from the private investigation firm “Lucky” awaits to take their picture.

After hours of waiting, Shuntaro and the woman walk down the stairs of the hotel lobby and walk in different directions to avoid attention. Private Investigator Teru intentionally bumps into the woman in the parking lot. The woman drops her scarf. Teru picks up the scarf and goes back to the hotel where Shuntaro is waiting in front of the elevator. Teru hands that scarf to Shuntaro, telling him that the woman who dropped the scarf was with him. Shuntaro thanks Teru and runs to the parking lot. When Shuntaro hands over the scarf to the woman, they embrace and Private Investigator Junpei takes a picture of them.

Later, Shuntaro calls the woman while walking down the street. The woman tells him that their picture was taken at the hotel and her husband knows about their affair. She tells him that they can’t see each other anymore. While talking with the woman, Shuntaro notices Teru, the man who handed the scarf to him, inside of a watch store. Shuntaro realizes that Teru most likely set him up.

Shuntaro follows Teru after he leaves the watch store. They have a brief confrontation, but Teru is able to ditch Shuntaro and arrive back at his private investigation office. Then, Shuntaro walks into the office. As Shuntaro and Teru argue, the president of the private investigation office, Toko Fujisaki (Nanako Matsushima), walks out of her office and addresses Shuntaro. She asks Shuntaro if he would like to work for their private detective agency. The next day, Shuntaro walks into the privated investigation office and begins his first day on the job …


Jun Matsumoto Lucky Seven-Eita.jpg Lucky Seven-Nanako Matsushima.jpg Lucky Seven-Yo Oizumi.jpg Lucky Seven-Riisa Naka.jpg
Jun Matsumoto Eita Nanako Matsushima Yo Oizumi Riisa Naka
Shuntaro Tokita Teru Nitta Toko Fujisaki Junpei Asahi Asuka Mizuno
Lucky Seven-Kazue Fukiishi.jpg Lucky Seven-Mari Iriki.jpg Lucky Seven-Keiichiro Koyama.jpg Lucky Seven-Akio Kaneda.jpg Lucky Seven-Kumiko Okae.jpg
Kazue Fukiishi Mari Iriki Keiichiro Koyama Akio Kaneda Kumiko Okae
Yuki Kirihara Mei Kayano Kojiro Tokita Masashi Goto Yuriko Tokita
Lucky Seven-Takuzo Kadono.jpg
Takuzo Kadono
Masayoshi Tsukushi

Additional Cast Members:

Episode Ratings

Episode Date Ratings
(Kanto Region)
01 01/16/2012 16.3%
02 01/23/2012 16.9%
03 01/30/2012 15.2%
04 02/06/2012 15.4%
05 02/13/2012 15.2%
06 02/20/2012 14.6%
07 02/27/2012 13.6%
08 03/05/2012 15.5%
09 03/12/2012 15.6%
10 03/19/2012 16.9%
Average 15.6%