Mermalade Boy [BRRIP/720]

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Miki (Hinako Sakurai) is a high school student. One day, her parents tell her that they are going to divorce and swap partners with the Matsuuras, a couple they met on a trip to Hawaii. Miki’s parents also tell her that the Matsuura couple have a son named Yuu (Ryo Yoshizawa). They will all live together in the same house. After that, the two families begin to live together and Miki becomes attracted to Yuu. He does not talk much, but is kind.


  1. Based on manga series “Marmalade Boy” by Wataru Yoshizumi (published from May, 1992 to October, 1995 in magazine Ribon ).


Marmalade Boy-Hinako Sakurai.jpg Marmalade Boy-Ryo Yoshizawa.jpg
Hinako Sakurai Ryo Yoshizawa
Miki Koishikawa Yuu Matsuura
Marmalade Boy-Miho Nakayama.jpg Marmalade Boy-Rei Dan.jpg Marmalade Boy-Shosuke Tanihara.jpg Marmalade Boy-Michitaka Tsutsui.jpg Marmalade Boy-Taiki Sato.jpg
Miho Nakayama Rei Dan Shosuke Tanihara Michitaka Tsutsui Taiki Sato
Chiyako Rumi Yoji Matsuura Jin Koishikawa Ginta Suou

Additional Cast Members: